MWD-LWD Overview

RMS MWD-LWD solutions provide accurate reliable electromechanical sensors and systems that can be used as modules to connect with legacy MWD-LWD tools or as a complete system. RMS currently provide systems or interfaces compatible with Enteq, Geolink, Tensor, Tolteq, APS, Blue Star and any QBUS, 0-5V RS232, CAN BUS or RS485 compatible system.

- Protocol Convertor:
A small reliable device to convert from to and from various protocols. Currently supported interfaces are RS485 to QBUS, 0-5V RS232 to QBUS. Software protocols can be supported free of charge. Protocol convertors come with lifetime software support and upgrades. (LINK TO PRODUCT DATA SHEET)

- Orientation:
Inclination, azimuth, and tool face angle measurements enable the operator to know the exact well trajectory and steer the well in the required direction. Raw and computed values are provided along with memory logs of surveys. (LINK TO PRODUCT DATA SHEET)

- Gamma and Depth:
Gamma ray instruments measure and record gross spectrum gamma rays in formations adjacent to the wellbore. The measurement indicates the radiative content of the formations and are used for correlation, bed boundary identification, rock type identification, and aging. Depth tracking capabilities are provided via interfaces to WITS or rig mounted sensors. (LINK TO PRODUCT DATA SHEET)

- Shock and Vibration:
Recording acceleration of the drilling assembly in three dimensions allows the drilling operator to optimize efficiency and avoid costly damage to equipment. (LINK TO PRODUCT DATA SHEET)

- Resistivity:
PWR Resistivity Single frequency, single spacing dual transmitter dual receiver borehole compensated 1.0Mhz Propagation Wave Resistivity system available for hole sizes from 17-1/2” to 3-7/8” provides a cost effective measurement for hydrocarbon identification, geo-steering, pore pressure evaluation and replacement of conventional wireline logs. Provides bore compensated phase and Amplitude Ratio resistivity curves. (LINK TO PRODUCT DATA SHEET)

MFPWR Resistivity Multi-depth, two frequencies, near and far spaced dual transmitter dual receiver borehole compensated 400Khz and 2.0Mhz propagation wave resistivity measurement. Provides four Phase and four Amplitude Ratio borehole compensated curves. This measurement system provides industry leading measurement accuracy and reliability. (LINK TO PRODUCT DATA SHEET)

- Modelling, Analysis, Interpretation:
Software and service providing geological forward modelling of resistivity, real-time geosteering, bed boundary identification, pore pressure detection and log enhancement including invasion profiling, deconvolution, and dielectric correction. (LINK TO PRODUCT DATA SHEET)
Monte Carlo modelling of single, dual, or triple azimuthal gamma detectors using offset well data for Geosteering services and image processing of borehole gamma data can be provided. (LINK TO PRODUCT DATA SHEET).

- RTOC in a box:
RMS Provide big data services and can provide a Real Time Operating Centre in a complete package. Rig site interfaces, Satellite Internet Communications hardware and software and data and control links to either RMS RTOC or your own RTOC can be provided and supported.

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