Services Overview

RMS provide many services to assist our customers improve product quality, repair, or bring to market new products and services.

- Calibration – Orientation sensors
We provide Orientation sensor calibration using our custom built Total Field Calibration facility in Scotland. Calibrations are performed to national standards using a traceable Proton Magnetometer reference measurement. Calibrations are confirmed using a precision three axis custom built calibration table. We will provide custom jigs to accommodate any sensor configuration. (LINK TO DATA SHEET)

- Calibration – API Gamma Calibration
We provide API traceable calibration of gamma detector assemblies using a 0 API and 200 API calibrator assembly. Our calibrators are directly referenced to the Houston API gamma calibration pit. We provide stability verification over temperature and plateau checks of gamma calibration procedures are provided to customers upon request. RMS provide a detailed and thorough qualification testing program for gamma detectors used downhole including combined vibration and temperature testing to ensure the highest level of gamma ray logging accuracy and reliability. (LINK TO DATA SHEET)

- Hi-Reliability electronic design, development, test, validation, and Manufacture
Complete design cycle to customer requirements for extreme environments and for temperature -65 Deg.C to +225 Deg.C.

- Environmental Testing
Design and execution of high reliability environmental test programs.
20G RMS Vibration / 1000g 0.5mS Vibration and Shock with temperature
High pressure / High temperature test chambers, 25,000 PSI – 175 Deg.C

- Repair and Refurbishment
Electronic repair to Printed Circuit Boards to components level, refurbishment of mechanical parts. Rework repair and remanufacture of downhole and subsea instrumentation.

- Machineshop services
In house and sub contract precision machine tools, heat treatments and mechanical reworking.

Manufacture and Test
Assembly and Manufacturing Drawings
We can manage and execute the creation of electrical, electronic, and mechanical CAD drawings for part or system assembly. We have Orcad, PADS, AutoCAD, and PDF file creation capabilities to provide quality professional manufacturing documentation.

Schematic Capture
We have engineers trained for schematic capture using OrCAD or PADS schematic capture systems. Our service includes netlist generation BOM generation and library design where required.

BOM creation and management
We can provide BOM from standard outputs or create a custom format for your database or system application.

Component Sourcing
We are specialists in sourcing of components long lead-time high temperature and military parts. We have a large network of distributors and suppliers globally to service our needs.

PCB Layout and tracking
We have the facility to track and layout PCB's from schematics or netlists.

PCB Bare Board Design and souring
We will specify and source specialist PCB substrates to the highest standards

PCB Manufacture

We will manufacture, test, environmentally test screen and performance verify boards or complete systems to agreed specifications.

Machining, Mechanical Design, and fabrication

We have machining, mechanical design and fabrication capabilities through our extensive network of industry partners. We specialise in the complete design and manufacture cycle of precision mechanical parts for demanding applications using exotic materials such as BeCu, Inconel X750, Inconel 718, Natural Peek and Ceramics. We will provide complete outsourced design, manufacture, inspection and delivery of completed product to your specification.
Mechanical Design

We have mechanical design capabilities include AutoCAD, Solid works, Mechanical FEA and

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