Type in the name of your Gate Installer. if they appear on this page, they are Gate Safe approved 😃🥂😃 Please ensure your spelling is correct.
You can also search by location, postcode, phone number etc.
  1. If the search bar appears to freeze, it's because it starts searching the instant you start typing. Try typing the name in SLOWLY - one letter at a time.
  2. The search is 'exact' - hence typing B.O.C will not bring up BOC. Type names exactly as the company shows them on their cards etc.
  3. If your search brings up too many results, be more precise. Typing Bolton for example will bring up companies called Bolton and companies located in Bolton. Typing 'Bolton Gates' however will only return companies called Bolton Gates
  4. You can search on anything in the record - name, address, postcode, phone number