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Innova’s Web Portal is an evolution of our flagship Well Seeker Pro application, now available as web application that extends our renowned capabilities to a collaborative team environment. Grounded in Innova’s outstanding drilling expertise, the Web Portal presents comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance and streamline your drilling operations. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy-to-navigate, while its compatibility with the existing Innova products enriches your user experience and broadens operational capabilities.

When the Web Portal is used in conjunction with Well Seeker Pro, they deliver a seamless integrated workflow that centralizes your drilling data - from planning stages to real-time operations - all under one digital roof, providing drilling teams a true collaborative environment, where changes made by one user are seen by all, allowing a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Our talented team at Innova comprises industry-leading experts who have leveraged their vast experience to build a solution like no other. Delivering Innova’s signature drilling excellence and fusing it with modern intuitive data analytics, the Web Portal reflects our commitment to innovation, quality, and the ongoing success of our clients.

Our emphasis on providing a high-value service translates into more than just superior software – it’s about delivering solutions that solve real world problems and delivers enhanced business performance and operational success for our customers.

Well Planning

Everything that you’d expect from your digital well planning tool. Automated well trajectory design, Ease of data entry, simple intuitive user interface to allow easy iteration of well plans.

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Data Analytics

Innova’s technology includes AI powered algorithms which allows users to gain rapid and detailed insights in to their operational performance and see if key business goals are being met .

The Innova Web Portal provides a comprehensive suite of tools to extract valuable metrics from drilling operations.

The tools provided make reviewing KPIs simple and user-friendly so teams can optimise drilling processes, enhance performance and drive operational success.


We’re especially proud of our anti-collision that stands out as one of the best in industry. Innova’s advanced survey correction capabilities significantly improves positional uncertainty, lowering operational risk.

Within the Web Portal, clients gain access to a wealth of essential tools allowing anti-collision risks to be easily evaluated . These visualisations allow engineers to monitor and analyse critical information in real-time and provide alerts to those making the operational decisions.

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Innova’s Hydraulics and Surge & Swab capabilities model fluids in any well configuration. Our advanced functionality takes into account pipe eccentricity, rotation and cuttings transport ensuring a comprehensive and accurate analysis.

The inclusion of multiple rheological models allow for the evaluation of complex wells susch as ERD and HPHT, while the intuitive UI makes iteration seamless.


Whether at the office, in the field, or on the go, Innova’s EDR shows you in real time what going on at the rig, and allows storage of detailed data for historical review

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Kick Tolerance

Specifically designed for E&Ps, Innova’s real time kick tolerance feature provides an extra level of safety and visibility to your drilling teams while removing the need to enter data in to spreadsheets. With configurable alerts and safety factors, it ensures the right people get alerted at the right time to prevent potential well control incidents

Why Innova?

  1. Innova comprises a team of industry-leading experts with extensive experience in both the energy sector and software development. This means you're getting a solution designed by people who truly understand your needs.
  2. Innova understands the critical importance of accurate, high-quality data in drilling operations. Our software ensures you receive reliable insights based on high-quality data, empowering you to make confident, data-driven decisions.
  3. Innova’s technology and solutions deliver consistent, reliable results. Rigorous testing and validation ensure our software performs accurately and reliably in all operational scenarios.
  4. Innova is fully committed to data integrity. Our solutions are built on a foundation of robust security measures, including compliance with SOC2 standards. We leverage the power of AWS to implement secure and reliable data backups. You can be assured that your information is safe and that you can continue your operations seamlessly, no matter the circumstances.
  5. Software support like no other company. Every member of our team has real world drilling experience working both onshore and offshore. We understand your problems and as such we are able to provide that bridge between the energy industry and the world of software. Our team is available 24/7 whether it is a simple question about setting up a job or a detailed engineering problem we are always here to help.

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