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Innova Engineering is where the Innova suit of products began. Grounded in Innova’s outstanding drilling expertise, Innova Engineer provides an all-encompassing suite of tools designed to expertly plan and execute your drilling operations. Developed by engineers for engineers. With exceptional functionality and an intuitive yet powerful interface, Innova Engineering delivers an innovative and cost-effective solution for Operators and Service Providers alike.

Our talented team at Innova comprises industry-leading experts who have leveraged their vast experience to build a solution like no other. Our emphasis on providing a high-value service translates into more than just superior software – it’s about delivering solutions that solve real world problems and delivers enhanced business performance and operational success for our customers.

Torque & Drag

Innova Engineering offers cutting-edge capabilities to address drilling challenges. It incorporates the most recent soft string model enhanced with a stiffness correction factor and enables modeling of viscous drag, buckling friction, and contact surface correction.

Innova Engineering provides both conservative (unloading) and standard (loading) buckling models, while an elemental view is available for all computation results. It facilitates calculations of sinusoidal and helical buckling limits and fully supports casing, liner, drilling assemblies, and even complex 3D directional wells.

Friction factor sensitivity can be examined for an unlimited number of friction factors or isolated calculations, with models available for casing flotation, drill string fill, and the effects of bow spring centralizers on torque and drag.

Innova Engineering can predict expected pipe stretch, torque-induced pipe twist, side forces, casing wear, and drill string fatigue. Designed to integrate real-time data, displaying it in conjunction with calculated data, and offers insights into both actual and apparent WOB and overpull calculations, making it easier for operators to visualize the forces experienced at the bit based on surface readings.

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We’re especially proud of our anti-collision that stands out as one of the best in industry. Innova’s advanced survey correction capabilities significantly improves positional uncertainty, lowering operational risk.

Within Innova Engineering, clients gain access to a wealth of essential tools allowing anti-collision risks to be easily evaluated. These visualisations allow engineers to monitor and analyse critical information in real-time and provide alerts to those making the operational decisions.

Hydraulics & Hole Cleaning

  • Calculates standpipe pressures, cuttings loaded and clean hole ECDs, surge and swab as well as a complete set of hole cleaning outputs
  • Support for multiple hydraulic models: Bingham Plastic, Power Law, Herschel Bulkley, Robertson Stiff
  • Options for single calculation or sensitivity analysis for unlimited number of flowrates and tripping speeds simultaneously
  • Full support for riser-less / dual gradient drilling
  • Split flow modelling for complex BHAs with multiple hole openers / under reamers / circulating subs
  • Incorporate data gathered at the well site into the hydraulics model and overlay the real-world data and the theoretical hydraulics model
  • Enter multiple pore pressures & fracture gradients and plot against modelled data
  • Surge and swab calculations can be calculated for any reference e.g. bit, casing shoe, bottom hole, or any other user defined depth
  • Model the effect of stabilizers and casing centralizers
  • Quick bit hydraulics calculator, determine bit pressure losses and impact force without having to setup a complete project
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Survey Correction

  • Correct raw MWD surveys for Z axis magnetic interference with latest short collar correction algorithm
  • Multi Station Analysis (MSA) quantifies magnetometer scale and bias errors resulting in more accurate survey data
  • Well path magnetic interference analysis; calculate the expected error in azimuth for a given amount of non- mag spacing. Fully supports intermediate steel above and below the MWD sensor or both.
  • Full support for minimum curvature, radius of curvature, tangential and balanced tangential survey calculation methods
  • Supports survey interpolation for both MD and TVD. Results can be exported to text or Excel
  • (QC raw MWD surveys for G total, B total and magnetic dip with user definable limits

BHA Analysis & SAG Correction

  • Survey SAG correction algorithm, to correct survey inclinations for BHA deflections
  • Rotary BHA modelling to aid in build / walk rate predictions
  • Predicted build / walk Rate for Sliding based on motor bend, hole size and Bit Formation Index
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Magnetic Interference

Innova Engineering has built integrations with industry leading survey correction solutions: • MagVar • Superior • BGS

Jar Placement

  • Calculates neutral point road map which shows WOB to avoid at every depth along the well path
  • Calculates pump open force
  • Model the impact / impulse of all types of jars, accelerators & intensifiers
  • Optimize the hammer length / jar type to maximize impulse / impact
  • Calculates weight above and below jar when vertical in air and mud
  • Calculates weight above and below jar at bottom hole location in air and mud
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Why Innova?

  1. Innova comprises a team of industry-leading experts with extensive experience in both the energy sector and software development. This means you're getting a solution designed by people who truly understand your needs.
  2. Innova understands the critical importance of accurate, high-quality data in drilling operations. Our software ensures you receive reliable insights based on high-quality data, empowering you to make confident, data-driven decisions.
  3. Innova’s technology and solutions deliver consistent, reliable results. Rigorous testing and validation ensure our software performs accurately and reliably in all operational scenarios.
  4. Innova is fully committed to data integrity. Our solutions are built on a foundation of robust security measures, including compliance with SOC2 standards. We leverage the power of AWS to implement secure and reliable data backups. You can be assured that your information is safe and that you can continue your operations seamlessly, no matter the circumstances.
  5. Software support like no other company. Every member of our team has real world drilling experience working both onshore and offshore. We understand your problems and as such we are able to provide that bridge between the energy industry and the world of software. Our team is available 24/7 whether it is a simple question about setting up a job or a detailed engineering problem we are always here to help.