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Well Seeker Pro is Innova’s flagship application. Grounded in Innova’s outstanding drilling expertise, Well Seeker Pro presents an all-encompassing suite of digital tools designed to enhance and streamline your drilling operations and data. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy-to-navigate, while its compatibility with the existing Innova products enriches your user experience and broadens operational capabilities.

An intuitive and powerful drilling software application designed to aid Operators and Service Company's deal with the challenges todays drilling industry presents. From the onshore drilling engineering team to the well placement specialists on the rig, Innova provides a complete solution in one simple and easy to use package.

Well Seeker Pro delivers a seamless integrated workflow that centralizes your drilling data - from planning stages to real-time operations - all under one digital roof, providing drilling teams a true collaborative environment, where changes made by one user are seen by all, allowing a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Our talented team at Innova comprises industry-leading experts who have leveraged their vast experience to build a solution like no other. Innova’s emphasis on providing a high-value service translates into more than just superior software – it’s about delivering solutions that solve real world problems and delivers enhanced business performance and operational success for our customers.

Comprehensive Well Planning

Well Seeker Pro offers a wide range of user-friendly 2D & 3D planning methods. This includes Dogleg Tool Face, Build and Turn, and Optimum Align using Curve-Hold-Curve or Curve-Curve techniques, Line up on Target, S-Well and Slant Well construction.

Versatility extends to target geometries, accommodating everything from simple 2D shapes to complex 3D multi-point polygonal designs. Well Seeker Pro also provides capabilities to create Driller's Targets based on error models and trajectory considerations.

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Anti-Collision Tools

Perform anti-collision scans using industry leading proximity detection algorithms.

  • Calculate ellipse of uncertainty (EOU) using full range of ISCWSA MWD and Gyro error models Error outputs and Centre to Centre distances validated against ISCWSA standard well paths to <0.1% error
  • Anti-collision scans can be run interactively during planning and drilling phases on multiple actual wells / plans
  • User defined warning criteria and alerts can be set to notify of potential collision risk

Casing and hole diameters can be included in separation factor calculation in order increase accuracy. Especially important for top hole drilling with large diameter surface casing.

  • Ability to create custom Instrument Performance Models (IPM)
  • Error output sigma level can be selected by the user
  • Real Time AC feature allows monitoring of multiple offset wells and distance to lease lines Anti-collision tools such as travelling cylinder view and ladder plot update in real time as additional surveys are entered
  • Advanced anti-collision visualisation tools available including: Ladder Plot, Separation Factor Plot, Travelling Cylinder Plot

Your Data

Built on a powerful database engine which allows storage and navigation for an unlimited number of actual wells and plans.

Well Seeker Pro makes it easy to import and export of data from wells and plans in the office to locations in the field. Both local and SQL Server databases available.

Local databases can be easily set up to provide real time data exchange with the master SQL Server database, allowing surveys, daily reports, BHA's etc to be updated on the master database in real time from the field.

Local databases can perform a remote data fetch allowing them to pull plans and offset data directly from a cloud hosted database. This permits the field engineers to quickly build a database with all the relevant data.

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Wellbore Visualization

Fully customisable, advanced and powerful 3D plotting capability

  • Plan View (Top Down) Plot
  • Section View (Side On) Plot
  • 3D Plot
  • Fly down well 3D chart feature
  • Visualise Closest approach to all offset wells
  • Spider Plot with interactive TVD slice control
  • Azimuth Comparison Plot (Azimuth vs MD)
  • Inclination Comparison Plot (Inclination vs MD)
  • Dogleg Comparison Plot (Dogleg vs MD)
  • Live View Plot
    Print directly to multiple image formats including PDF / jpg / bmp / png.
    Copy directly to clipboard allowing images to be quickly added to Word, Excel & PowerPoint documents
    Wall Plot Composer (WPC) allows the user to create customisable wall plots which can include data tables.
  • Pre-defined plot sizes range from A0 to A7 with a user defined option also available

Integrated Geosteering Functionality

With Well Seeker Pro, visualise formation top and target depths.

  • Customisable outputs in both 2D and 3D charts
  • Provides clear visual updates of drilling corridor to directional driller
  • Update and model geological target corridor based on real time updates
  • Quickly create offset plans based on real time geosteering updates
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WITS & Remote Directional Drilling.

Well Seeker Pro Supports WITS & WITSML connectivity.WITS data can be pushed back from the field to the remote server database, where it can be viewed by anyone with the relevant login credentials.

Innova’s functionality supports:

Slide sheets automatically populated based on the data received via the WITS feed
Remote data fetch allows the user to pull wells into a local database, directly from the cloud * Real Time Data Exchange allows field data to be updated on the SQL server database in real time.

Well Seeker Pros unique Directional Drilling Dashboard, which provides an interface containing tools a directional driller can utilize while drilling a well either locally on the rig or remotely from an RTOC. It updates automatically while using the WITS feed and contains the following:

  • Real time gauges
  • Integrated directional display showing current tool face from the MWD, desired tool face as well as bit projections and offset well proximity
  • Real Time Anti-collision for any selected point on the reference well
  • Automatically calculates the motor yield and rotary trends
  • Real time 3D plot
  • Drilling parameters charts populated from the WITS data feed
  • Choose between 4 modes: Vertical, Nudge, Curve & Lateral which provide the user with slide and rotary recommendations based on the data entered in the settings menu.
  • Slide Analysis
  • Connection Analysis including in slips, weight to weight and survey time


Dashboard are one of the most powerful ways to view your data. Innova has designed multiple ready-to-go dashboards for instant data analytics. All the dashboards that you’d expect and more.

Activity Dashboard • Shows a summary with up to date data for all selected wells including, depth vs time chart, revenue tracking, inventory etc • Print job board report which includes Active Wells, Upcoming and Standby Wells, daily and monthly revenue and summary of wells by operator, state, and coordinator Logistics Dashboard • Provides an overview of all tools in the local inventories within the database giving full oversight of all equipment • View all tools in all locations via google maps • Various filter options to quickly find the relevant items Rigs Online Dashboard • Shows a list of all current jobs where data is being sent from the field to the server database and displays the time since last update • AC Dashboard

Displays a summary of all open RTAC dialogs and tt the click of a button the user can open the surveys and RTAC dialogs for all active wells in the database.

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Geomagnetic Modelling

Well Seeker Pro includes: • World Magnetic Model (WMM) and International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) model as standard • British Geological Survey Global Geomagnetic Model (BGGM) • NOAA High Definition Geomagnetic Model (HDGM) • MagVAR’s high definition model (MVHD)

Well Analytics

Powerful search tool to find and compare wells across the entire database. Multiple search criteria options available including Date Range, Radius from a given well, Formation, Assembly type, Failures, State, Directional Company, Hole Size, Rig and LIH etc • Plot all selected wells together on google maps. Surface locations, Plans, Surveys and Lease Lines can all be displayed. • Motor, MWD and Section KPI Reports • Revenue Report • Rig Days Report • Personnel Utilisation Report • Well Ranking Report • Compare KPI metrics between multiple wells and well phases: • Slide & Rotation Footage • Depth Vs Time • Failure Analysis • Directional Cost per Foot • Well Cost per Foot • BHA Details • Detailed Cost Breakdown • Wells by Formation, Directional Company, Motor Make, Bit Make • ROP & Footage by Formation, Directional Company, Motor Make, Bit Make, Hole Size • Activity & Phase Comparison • Wells by Rig • ROP & Footage by Rig • Parameter Comparison • Well / Section Performance • Average Interval Cost per Quarter • Driller Performance

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Detailed Daily Reporting

Fully Integrated within Innova's Well Seeker Pro are advanced custom daily reporting and performance reporting features including: Daily Reports • Slide Sheets • Ability to populate Daily Reports directly from the slide sheet • Ability to auto populate slide sheets via received WITS data • Daily Cost Reports • Well Cost Reports • Mud Cost Report • Cost tracking • Mud Chemical Inventory • Tool Inventory • Tool Utilisation Reports • Personnel Utilisation Reports • Tool and Personnel Tracking • Shipping Tickets • Pipe Tally • BHA Reports • Motor and MWD Performance Reports • Motor and MWD Failure Reports • End of Well Reports • Company Man Report • KPI Tracking • Well statistics provides a detailed overview of the well data including well phases and BHA’s • Click of a button morning report package, directly opens outlook email complete with excel morning report and copy of current database as attachments and email body populated with a synopsis of daily operations Generate and output detailed reports at the click of a button.


Whether at the office, in the field, or on the go, Innova’s EDR shows you in real time what going on at the rig, and allows storage of detailed data for historical review.

  • Average Interval Cost per Quarter
  • Driller Performance
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Innova continues to design, build and innovate. More features and integrations are continually evolving. Our developers work quickly, really quickly. Updates and bug fixes in hours and days, not weeks.

Are we missing something you need? Talk to us.

Why Innova?

  1. Innova comprises a team of industry-leading experts with extensive experience in both the energy sector and software development. This means you're getting a solution designed by people who truly understand your needs.
  2. Innova understands the critical importance of accurate, high-quality data in drilling operations. Our software ensures you receive reliable insights based on high-quality data, empowering you to make confident, data-driven decisions.
  3. Innova’s technology and solutions deliver consistent, reliable results. Rigorous testing and validation ensure our software performs accurately and reliably in all operational scenarios.
  4. Innova is fully committed to data integrity. Our solutions are built on a foundation of robust security measures, including compliance with SOC2 standards. We leverage the power of AWS to implement secure and reliable data backups. You can be assured that your information is safe and that you can continue your operations seamlessly, no matter the circumstances.
  5. Software support like no other company. Every member of our team has real world drilling experience working both onshore and offshore. We understand your problems and as such we are able to provide that bridge between the energy industry and the world of software. Our team is available 24/7 whether it is a simple question about setting up a job or a detailed engineering problem we are always here to help.