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You can access your Innova data anytime, anywhere. Multi platform and multi well. Digital drilling workflow allow you to view your data where you want to see it – office, home, on the go 24/7.

Real-time data analysis and optimisation

Real-time analytics enables drilling teams to improve performance, reduce costs and capture lessons learned.

Deliver additional value to your teams and customers.

Real-time well engineering

Want to see planned v actual? Innova can do that. Improve your drilling performance in real time.

Directional data, anti-collision, hole cleaning, trajectory plans – all updated in real time, with collaboration and transparency across teams.

  • View live updates directly from the rig
  • Clearly visualise all active wells on one screen with the Multiwell Dashboard
  • Real time performance optimization
  • Daily Reports
  • BHA Reports
  • Slide Sheets
  • Survey updates
  • Integrated messenger for intercompany communication
  • Full Anticollision Capabilities
  • Track tool status and location for all active operations
  • Powerful well analytics
  • Edit all data directly from your phone, tablet or web browser
  • EDR logs display RT WITS data
  • Provide clients with read only access to view activity updates

Intelligent Automated Directional Drilling

  • Directional recommendation and slide guidance ensures optimal well placement
  • Auto Rig State Detection classifies slide / rotate intervals including periods of drill string oscillation
  • Drill smarter and drill faster using features including; live MWD toolfaces, auto project ahead, effective toolface display, slide grade and auto calculate DLS to land
  • Vertical, Curve & Lateral modes
  • Customizable auto warning system alerts when drilling parameter thresholds exceeded
  • Anti-collision dashboard updates in real time and allows monitoring of multiple wells simultaneously and facilitates the safe delivery of directional wells
  • Broadcast and receive WITS data and plot drilling data

Real-time streaming

Innova delivers all the information you’d expected from a RTOC. Data from WITSML enable Innova to plot real time data streams from the rig site.

Data is updated on a 1 second basis. Not just for one well but all your wells.

Streamline decision making. Office, management, field offices are all connected in real time and seeing the same data.

Innova Systems incorporates built-in redundancy, backup, and recovery measures. Our SOC 2 accreditation ensures that your data is securely managed and protected. ____

As standard, expect superior support from Innova. Speak directly to engineers. No need to talk to a bot first or fill in a ticket. Send us an email or pick up the phone and you’ll get to speak to our expert engineers directly.

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