Optimize the Drilling Process

  • Equip well placement specialists with the leading directional drilling software
  • Drilling heatmap provides clear visualization to tune optimum drilling parameters and to ensure you maintain the drilling sweet spot
  • Monitor real time hydraulics, optimize hole cleaning and minimize cuttings transport problems
  • Avoid hole cleaning and drag problems as they happen, optimizing weight and torque transfer to drill laterals faster with fewer problems
  • Equip drilling engineers, superintendents and asset managers with the data and analytics capabilities enabling performance management in real time
  • Lessons learned and observations can be logged and implemented rapidly

Risk Management

  • Utilize Innova’s software to take a pre-emptive approach to managing potential risks to the drilling process
  • Innova’s AFE builder identifies weakness in offset well depth time curves enabling engineers to quickly identify where time was lost and where it could be gained
  • Factor in possible risks, and assign probabilities to determine the optimum plan
  • Innova’s user-friendly software empowers users to monitor predicted and actual engineering results to capture real time divergence and hazard identification

Real Time Engineering

Want to see planned v actual? Innova can do that. Improve your drilling performance in real time.

Directional data, anti-collision, hole cleaning, trajectory plans – all updated in real time, with collaboration and transparency across teams.

  • View live updates directly from the rig
  • Clearly visualise all active wells on one screen with the Multiwell Dashboard
  • Real time performance optimization
  • Daily Reports
  • BHA Reports
  • Slide Sheets
  • Survey updates
  • Integrated messenger for intercompany communication
  • Full Anticollision Capabilities
  • Track tool status and location for all active operations
  • Powerful well analytics
  • Edit all data directly from your phone, tablet or web browser
  • EDR logs display RT WITS data
  • Provide clients with read only access to view activity updates

Innova Systems incorporates built-in redundancy, backup, and recovery measures. Our SOC 2 accreditation ensures that your data is securely managed and protected.

As standard, expect superior support from Innova. Speak directly to engineers. No need to talk to a bot first or fill in a ticket. Send us an email or pick up the phone and you’ll get to speak to our expert engineers directly.

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