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Ratptor Data Limited are experts in the design, development, manufacture and deployment of acoustic systems. The Raptor Team have a broad spectrum of experience ranging from military sonar, synthetic music generation and audio event recognition.

The primary focus of the business is using acoustics in the global energy markets for wireless communications and condition monitoring. There are a wide variety of acoustic sensing and communications applications where Raptor brings technical solutions that are otherwise impossible to solve.
Raptors provide design consulting services, proprietary products, bespoke products and engineering and operational support for a wide variety of applications. Raptor welcomes all enquiries for product sales or collaboration.

High Speed Communications

Raptors core technology is based on communication of signals through complex acoustic structures. It is well known that structures having different cross-sectional areas such as drill strings, tubing and casing result in complex acoustic impedance elements which result in challenging communications channels for signals. Raptor have developed advanced Chirp, Tonal and Spread Spectrum communications systems optimised to automatically adapt to complex channels and operate in high levels of noise. With demonstrated bit rates of 300 Bits/Sec in high noise environments, Raptor is the world leader in high-speed acoustic communications.

Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing is at the heart of everything Raptor do. We perform simulation and modelling of acoustic structures and electronic and algorithmic systems using CosmolTM and MatlabTM platforms. These models are utilised as virtual machines for developing and providing code which are then ported to high end custom application hardware which can be delivered as discrete or hybrid products.

Harsh Environments

The Raptor Team are scientists, engineers and technicians that have many years of experience in the design development manufacture test and deployment of equipment at the extremes of operating environments.

The Raptor designs typically require surviving in high temperature, high pressure, high shock and vibrations such as those experienced in Measurement While Drilling and Logging While Drilling Environments. This includes temperatures ranging from -55 Deg.C to 200 Deg.C, pressure up to 25,000 PSI. Shock and vibration levels in excess of 1,000G 0.5mS and 25GRMS 30Hz – 300Hz are typical qualification requirements.

Reliable continuous operation combined with low power and long service life in extreme environments is essential. Raptor systems are deployed in life of asset applications where reliable operation over decades is required. This requires rigorous design and qualification programmes combined with careful power management strategies to optimise battery and system life.