There are 2 Navigation buttons above:

  • Content: this is a simple web-page you want people to see (this page).
  • Admin: this is the back-end page where you go to edit the content page.

The Admin page is protected by a password which can be provided by Kikk to enable you to play around, editing the page.

Note: In a real website, the link to the admin page would probably be a simple link in the footer rather than a main navigation menu item.

Once logged into the Admin page you are able to replace the photograph and edit the text below.

This is how our easy CMS works. Kikk will enable certain areas of your website to be editable whilst other areas may not be. You cannot add new sections or pages, it is designed for you to edit what is already there. If you want to dive deeper and create pages and sections as well, we will be happy to discuss building and maintaining your website in WordPress.

Editable Area

The photograph and text in the box below can be edited in the Admin Area - log in and have a go! Remember to SAVE your changes and then return to this page to see them. If they are not showing you need to refresh your browser window by pressing the circular arrow at the top of your browser. If this doesn't work, do it whilst holding the SHIFT button ('hard refresh').

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